1. Malnutrition matters in healthcare – screen & assess
  2. Filling the nutritional gap in dysphagia.
  3. Nutritional management of end stage liver Failure
  4. The important role of peri-operative Nutrition in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS).
  5. Nutrition therapy for the critically ill patients across the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions: A Consensus Statement.
  6. The intricate link of the gut microbiota with the brain – from cognition to autism
  7. The validated, dynamic TNO in vitro models of the gastrointestinal tract (TIM) – incredible tools to study food digestion and fermentation
  8. Workshop on “Gut microbiota in health and disease
  9. Mindfulness, Wellness and Nutrition
  10. Metabolic surgery Revolution in treatment of obesity and diabetes
  11. Refeeding syndrome and resuscitation with electrolyte
  12. Peri operative nutrition
  13. Nutrition Challenges of the Preterm Infant
  14. Better Nutrition In The Nicu-Human Milk And The Appropriate Fortification Of Human Milk Feeding
  15. 2 hour workshop: Dietetic Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorder
  16. Binge Eating Disorder Fundamentals
  17. Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
  18. keto diet for cancer
  19. Nutrition and Wound Care Management
  20. The challenging role of clinical nutrition managers
  21. Engaging dietitians in clinical multidisciplinary teams
  22. Gaps and opportunities for nutrition research in relation to NCDs in Arab countries: Call for an informed research agenda
  23. Healthy dietary patterns: are they also sustainable?
  24. A minimally processed dietary pattern is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome among Lebanese adults
  25. Validation of an Arabic Version of the Obesity-Related Wellbeing (ORWELL 97) Questionnaire in Adults with Obesity
  26. Challenges and future of Clinical Trials for Probiotics. An overview of current study.
  27. Obesity and Metabolic End toxemia: are they related?
  28. Diabetes: Type 2 Diabetes management and complications.
  29. E-heath and behavior
  30. Nutritional management of chronic liver failure
  31. Dietary supplements related sports ( Evidence- based )
  32. Prevention of osteoporosis before menopause with nutrition
  33. Assessing Oxidative Stress and Inflammation and their Relation to Dietary and Lifestyle Behaviors using Salivary Markers in Healthy Adults.
  34. The suggested title for the workshop is: "Nutritional Management of Cancer Patients: New Trends and Guidelines
  35. Examining Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy, Infant Feeding Method, and Mental Health among Postnatal Women in the United Arab Emirates: A Cohort Study
  36. Radioactivity Levels in Bottled Water, Associated Doses, and Lifetime Risk Assessment in the United Arab Emirates
  37. Popular Weight Loss Diets: Review and Evidence
  38. How to Optimize Nutritional Care in Preterm Infants
  39. Updates on weaning diets
  40. Assessment of sodium and salt intake among University of Sharjah students using a multicomponent questionnaire and 24hr urine collection.
  41. Nutrition in Palliative care
  42. Nutrition support for sarcopenia in cancer patients
  43. Brain Nurturing and Nutrition
  44. Health-related Quality of Life in obesity: The ignored outcome in Arab population
  45. Cognitive behavioral therapy for obesity: Long-term lifestyle modification program and its implementation in Arab countries
  46. Urgent Call to Assess Dietary Patterns as a Risk factor for the Metabolic Syndrome in the in the Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council
  47. Early Infant Feeding Practices as Possible Risk Factors for Immunoglobulin E–Mediated Food Allergies in Kuwait
  48. Bariatric nutrition & nutrition management
  49. Hormonal and gut peptide regulation of appetite
  50. The Effect of Gum Arabic on Blood Glycemia, Blood Lipidemia, Body Composition and Gastrointestinal Tract in UAE Adults at Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
  51. Timing of proteins and calories during critical illness
  52. Mitochondrial dysfunction and nutrition
  53. High protein intake always the best?
  54. The Effects of Kangaroo Care on a Neonatal Nutrition and Development.
  55. Small Steps result in BIG CHANGES. If I can do it, you can too!!
  56. The importance of nutrition in Paediatric Critical Care
  57. Pre and Probiotics: Where are we now?
  58. Special formulas in young children
  59. Detection and Characterization of Bacteria in the milk of breastfeeding mothers in Dubai
  60. Effects of Interactive Food and Beverages Marketing Targeting Youth: Recommendations for Responsible Food Marketing in the Digital Age
  61. The Social Psychology of Food and Body Image:Exploring New Dimensions in Public Health Policies in MENA
  62. Common Malpractices While Providing Enteral Nutrition During Critical Illness
  63. Should We Consider Supplementary Parenteral Nutrition in Acutely Ill Patients More Frequent Than We Do?
  64. Should Oral Nutritional Supplements be An Integral Part of Community Nutrition?
  65. Fish Oil in our Feeding: Friend or Foe?
  66. Workshop: Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents
  67. Presentation: Leadership in Clinical Dietetics?

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